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Years later, the Senior Partners would transform Angel into a human to make him useless to the Powers That Be, [22] but he was returned to vampire form when he provoked the now-vampiric Gunn into killing him, forcing the Senior Partners to turn back time to a point when Angel was last a vampire in order to ensure that he could still play his prophesied role in their apocalypse. The same temporal fold also reverted Gunn — who had been turned into a vampire when Los Angeles was sent to Hell — back into his human state, although he had to stay in hospital for several weeks afterwards due to his 'restored' injuries now that he was only human.

Any vampires that had been killed while Los Angeles was in hell were restored because of the temporal fold. Any vampires who were sired while Los Angeles was in hell such as Gunn were restored to their human state although they kept their memories of being vampires.

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A strong electric shock could temporarily cause a vampire's heart to beat as if he or she was alive. The Master , an elder vampire, with his minions. Vampires largely preferred working alone, though were sometimes found living in groups organized like packs or prides. These groups were commonly organized with the purpose of protection and feeding. The leading vampire was known as "master", usually the sire of the group, the eldest one or the most powerful; in any event, the dominant vampire was the one capable of achieving the top position and enforce his authority through strength and violence.

There were also some cases in which the leading position was occupied by a dominant couple, like Spike and Drusilla or James and Elisabeth. The followers were commonly known as "minions" or "lackeys", though sometimes they could also be referred as "acolytes". These were commonly the progeny of the master vampire, or vampires that fell under the authority of the master due to their own weakness or youth.

While minions were expected to follow the commands of their master and were punished when failing, there were examples of vampires rebelling against their masters, or even choosing to serve a new one. In some vampire bloodlines, there was a tradition of choosing new names for themselves after being sired. The Master's bloodline was an example of this.

There were cases in which vampires wound up in the service of non-vampires, such as very powerful sorcerers or demons, even though vampires were commonly rejected by other demons who regarded them as the ultimate filth since they had human bodies. There were some cases in which a powerful vampire required the service of human minions and lackeys, and sometimes even demons:. The vampire Luke holding the Slayer Buffy. Within vampire society, the Slayer could be described as a source of great fear. Even vampires as powerful as Angelus and Darla preferred to avoid confronting Slayers, keeping a low profile to prevent attracting her attention.

Vampires were commonly described as "dead". Death could be defined as a status in which the body lacked physiological functions, such as having a heartbeat or breathing. However, vampires were able to move, feed, talk and feel despite inhabiting dead bodies. Most showed no outward signs of not being living humans while not in "vamp face" except lack of a pulse. The term " undead " was much more fitting because vampires, while not alive, weren't dead either.

When a human was sired, their human soul left their body and a demon soul took possession of the corpse, reanimating it and altering its physiology. The demon within the vampire caused these alterations:.

American Vampire, Vol. 1

Darla and Drusilla morph into their vampire faces. Superhuman strength: Vampires possessed superhuman physical strength, though the exact extent and limits of this strength are debatable and often varied from individual to individual in the same way that it does in humans; either because of their age, what supernatural blood they had consumed, or how long they've been a vampire.

Some vampires were capable of deforming metal with their hands, [1] [63] while others were held back by wooden doors that were barricaded from the other side albeit. Vampires could easily press both their own weight and the weight of an average adult human, as they were shown to throw human bodies anywhere from 5 to 25ft away. A vampire's strength increased with age, though even newly-risen vampires had incredible strength.

On her first day as a vampire after being re-sired, Darla effortlessly lifted Angel who was considerably taller and more muscular than she was off the ground by the throat with one hand, tossed fully-grown men around and snapped a shop assistant's neck with ease. Angel tore a man's heart out with his bare hands, ripped demon's limbs off and claimed he could literally rip a man's head off his body.

The vampire's strength also appeared to increase when in their "game face," as Buffy ordered Angel to assume it before he fought off vampires to keep them from butting into Buffy's fight with the Master. The blood of enhanced human and human-like beings augmented their strength to a great degree. Vampires also derived pleasure from the act of feeding off such humans.

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Examples of vampires feeding on superhumans and gaining a charge include:. Superhuman speed: Vampires could move much faster than normal humans. They could flash across distances in an instant [88] [80] [25] [89] and preform actions very quickly in complete silence; the Master disappeared from Buffy's line of sight when she briefly looked away before hearing his voice from afar [52] , Spike drained and hid the bodies of two fully grown men in a few seconds without alerting the girl they were walking with [5] , and Angel entered and exited Buffy's bedroom from her window without her noticing Xander even remarked that he wanted to put a bell on him.

Angel could run at such speeds that he appeared to teleport several meters in mere seconds. Vampires had incredible reaction speed; Angel once spun around and caught a crossbow bolt fired at his back from point-blank range [96] , side-stepped a tranquilizer dart fired at a close range and dodged bullets fired from multiple riflemen. Superhuman agility: Vampires possessed greater athleticism and maneuverability than normal humans and could leap great heights and distances.

Superhuman durability: Being undead, vampires could endure and survive near-limitless amounts of bodily damage so long as they were not decapitated or staked through the heart see below. Their bodies appeared more durable to blunt force trauma than humans and could shrug off mortal wounds. However, a certain degree of damage could cause visible or debilitating effects. Drusilla was once hit by a car, but instantly got up completely unfazed.

Accelerated healing: Vampires could heal more quickly than humans, though the process could vary depending on the severity of the injury from months to mere seconds , and some vampires could receive permanent scars see below. Angelus, for example, was beaten several times with a crowbar, but recovered in slightly over a minute and was able to engage in a full-blown sword fight with Buffy without any physical handicap. Darla's hand was impaled by a stake and it completely healed moments later.

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However, vampires could suffer trauma such as being put into a coma that rendered them unconscious. They could also have permanent scars under certain conditions: Xin Rong , for example, used an enchanted sword that gave Spike a permanent scar on his eyebrow.

Their healing abilities seemed to be somewhat superior to those of a Slayer; after a brutal fight between himself and Faith Lehane, Angel was barely scorched the next day, while Faith was still healing herself. Superhuman senses: Being primarily nocturnal, vampires had enhanced hearing, smell and night vision. They were especially sensitive to the scent of blood, and could distinguish individual humans and vampires by scent, as shown by the newly sired Gunn. There were exceptions: Spike was unable to identify Charlotte, [3] nor Harmony with Tamika before she showed her vamp-face Tamika suggested she would have if she "wore less of that tacky perfume" [75].

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Alphonse and his minions took some time to distinguish between both Willow Rosenberg and her Wishverse counterpart. Angel knows one of Helen Brucker 's aides is a vampire on sight. Spike in particular had an acute sense of smell; when the Scooby Gang turned on Buffy and forced her to leave, Spike tracked her down by scent alone at least several hours after she had left.

Vampires possessed a highly advanced sense of hearing which allowed them to pick up faint noises from far distances. Members of a vampire cult were able to overhear Fred whisper something to Darla who then informed her that "vampires have great hearing". Vampires appeared to possess some degree of night vision.

When the Mayor turned the school's lights off, Angel assured Buffy that he could " see all right". Additionally, the Aurelius vamps' eyes illuminated in the dark in a similar manner to many animals do which help them see in low-light environments. Their powers of perception were so great that they were capable of perceiving certain minuscule details that most beings would easily overlook.

Several vampires, including Dalton , Penn and Marcus , wore eyeglasses. William Pratt , however, wore eyeglasses as a human, while Spike did not seem to need them he never showed signs of either myopia or farsightedness, and was able to read books and aim a gun with no problem. According to Angel , if a vampire required glasses as a human, they still needed them after their siring.

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Immortality: Vampires did not physically age from the point that they were sired and could live for centuries with the same vitality and vigor. While their human selves didn't get any older, their "game face" became more gruesome and their ability to assume human form appeared to lose itself in some millennia-old vampires see below.

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Innate fighting prowess: Upon being sired, nearly all vampires possessed extraordinary ability in hand-to-hand combat, able to fight with great skill and shoot with great accuracy even if he or she had never possessed such skills or training as a human. When being taught how to slay, Dawn nervously hoped that the newborn vampire pitted against her might not "know all the fancy martial arts they inevitably seem to pick up", though she was proven wrong.

One exception appeared to be Harmony Kendall , who had poor fighting skills during her first year as vampire, equally matching up against the human Xander in a fight. Sharp Fingernails: Vampires' fingernails were sharper than those of humans. Vampires like Drusilla and Dracula have killed humans by slashing their necks with their nails, and a random vampire caused Jasmine heavy bleeding by sinking his nails into her arm for a brief moment.

Spike mentioned his desire to turn his fingernails into claws to incorporate into his fighting saying it was "always more Dru's thing , and did use them to tear a demonic entity posing as his mother into shreds. Rare or Unusual Powers: There were several instances of vampires possessing unusual abilities, either by practicing magic or through some other force:.

Being "dead", vampires did not age as living humans did, but the passing of centuries did benefit them. Vampires did not require oxygen to survive, allowing them to survive in poisonous atmospheres, underwater and resist strangling. Angel was unaffected by gas [] and was even able to survive in the poisonous atmosphere of the home dimension of Jasmine 's zealots.