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More information about factors that potentially could affect Amazon. Media Hotline, www. Skip to main navigation. Press release. Toad challenges him to a race. Even though he is much smaller, the humble Toad teaches Donkey a lesson by making a plan to win the race. His friends the birds help him to get there by giving him feathers so that he can fly. His greediness at the party results in an adventure in which his shell gets cracked. Level 4 is suitable for children who are ready to read longer stories with a wider vocabulary.

The stories are told in a simple way and with a richness of language that makes reading a rewarding experience. Repetition of new vocabulary reinforces the words the child is learning and exciting illustrations bring the action to life. These delightful storybooks are especially written and illustrated for readers in their first years of schooling and incorporate a variety of themes and visual styles. There are 24 storybooks, all suitable for individual and class reading, written at different levels of difficulty to interest and motivate new readers.

Textures is an English Home Language course, but teachers can utilise readers in any classroom as they see fit.

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Luckily she has a torch and uses it to make fun shadows on the wall. By Fran Myrdal Illustrated by Brett Curtin 20 pages Bongi gets lost at night after losing track of the time, but some ladybirds lead her back to her village. How will they share this prize? Quirky and imaginative Easy for teachers to use in the classroom Written by experienced educators Full colour and child-friendly.

Through a series of fun clues, the reader is led to the answer. Other titles available: Grade 1 Treasure! Read this interesting book and find out all sorts of interesting information. When Anansi landed in trouble, they all helped to save him. How could Anansi reward them? Find out how to make cards and play games. Use English and build learners' vocabulary.

This series is divided into seven levels: Level 1 is for the first year of learning, Level 2 is for the second year of learning, and so on. There are 22 readers in all, which can be used as supplementary reading material or in conjunction with the well-known Daybreak English language course.

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These brightly illustrated stories are designed to make reading stimulating and fun, while building vocabulary. There are also numerous opportunities for learners to read on their own, in pairs or in groups. The lively, full-colour illustrations will help learners read with confidence and enjoyment. Each story is also accompanied by fun activities. The activities provided will help learners improve their English and link their reading with other learning areas. Full-colour illustrations will help learners enjoy the stories and the activities provided will help them build their understanding.

Every learner will find something to enjoy in this collection. Activities are also included. She runs fast and she wins competitions. Her father is happy. But Kim is only sixteen. What does she want? First, Holly wants to see famous places in the city, but her brothers want to go to a funfair. Every year the Minotaur eats people from Athens. Theseus is strong but he is only a young man.

Can he kill the Minotaur? But it is not for everybody, and our world is changing fast. We have to think very carefully about water, and about our use of it. Merlin the magician is clever and his tricks are exciting — but are they dangerous too?

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Penguin Active Reading is an exciting new series that provides reading and language learning at five levels. Together with enjoyable stories and texts, each book and CD-ROM pack provides a range of integrated activities designed to develop reading skills and consolidate vocabulary, and offers personalised project work. CD-ROMs that contain additional activities as well as the complete audio recording support each reader. A priest is attacked by heads that have left their bodies. An old man meets a woman who has no face. Read these and many more strange, ghostly stories from old Japan — and be afraid!

But the misfortune it brings changes the life of the family forever.

Gillian's Choice (Hotline #3) by Carolyn Meyer

It happens everywhere for all kinds of reasons. Short stories by some of the finest modern crime writers. But the journey will not be easy. Odysseus must face storms, monsters and the terrible anger of the sea-god Poseidon. In desperation, they marry in secret but tragedy unfolds… Macbeth is to be the King of Scotland — but at what cost? King Lear divides his kingdom between his daughters with unexpected consequences. Level 1 — Headwords Grade 5 Level 2 — Headwords Grade 6 Level 4 — 1, Headwords Grade 8 Were you right?

Students are encouraged to think creatively and so look ahead. Pre-reading activities get students interested and help them think about the topic or story.


Talk about it — encourages students to discuss the plot, themes and main characters from the book Write about it — allows students to demonstrate their understanding of the book, as well as their knowledge of important vocabulary. Projects help students to think beyond the Reader and to develop the topic further through a spoken or written task 4. Penguin Readers offer educational excellence, attractive and dynamic design and a wide choice of titles with subject matter that will appeal to young readers.

This collection of contemporary, classic and original stories is For further carefully graded, at various levels of difficulty, from Penguin Young information on the full Readers Grade 1 to Grades 8 and 9. The carefully controlled series, please contact vocabulary in each book, makes the series highly suitable for learners Sharon Heuschneider on or e-mail: with reading difficulties.

Penguin Readers are designed to provide an enjoyable, challenging and enriching language learning experience for children of all ages. Book: 16 Pages Meet some exciting wild animals and their babies. What are they like, what do they do, and what do they eat? Book: Audio Pack: 16 Pages Aesop, who lived over years ago, used fables to illustrate human failings which are still relevant today.

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  8. Book: 32 Pages An unhappy duckling grows into a beautiful swan in this magical fairytale. Book: 16 pages The three Billy Goats want to cross the bridge but they have to get past the horrible troll who lives under the bridge and likes to eat goats for lunch! To find the way back home they have to follow the yellow brick road to where the amazing Wizard of Oz lives. Book: 16 pages Snow White and her sister, Rose Red, befriend a bear in the forest.

    But is the bear all that he seems? Book: 32 Pages Tulio and Miguel want just two things in life: fame and fortune. Then fate hands them a map to the place of their dreams: the city of gold, El Dorado. He comes from Brazil but he lives in New York in a cage. Then one day his cage opens. Can he find his family in Brazil again? Book: 32 pages The Universe is amazing and learners can find out all they need to know about the planets and our solar system. Book: Audio Pack: 20 pages Abdullah knows a lot about oryx, the rare and gentle creatures of the desert.

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    But there are cruel people in the desert too. Book: Audio Pack: 20 pages Hapu lives in Ancient Egypt and works with his father, but they are poor. One day Hapu has an idea that will change their lives. Book: Audio Pack: 32 Pages Peter is clever and brave.